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The CITB – ConstructionSkills Health, safety and environment test helps to raise standards across the industry.  It ensures that workers have a minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness before going on site.

From 2 April 2012, the CITB – ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test became the CITB – ConstructionSkills Health, Safety and environment test (HS&E test).

Site practices have moved on dramatically since the last major review in 2007, so it was essential that the test moved on too.  It has therefore undergone an extensive refresh, including the revision of both the core content and test structure.

The new test includes:

  • A fully revised and updated question bank including the new universal hazard symbols – this has undergone the first major update since 2007 ensuring that it is fully up-to-date with all required legislation
  • New behavioural case study questions, to test the response to three randomly selected  scenarios comprising of four questions.  Each is about how you should behave on a construction site to stay healthy and safe.  These scenarios are based on the new Setting out film, which can be viewed for free online at

  • Questions on respiratory risks and the hazards they can pose
  • A new chapter on the environment with questions on sustainability and environmental hazards
  • A new specialist test for tunnelling
  • 45 minutes for all candidates to complete each test, which comprises of 50 multiple-choice questions including:
    • 12 behavioural case study questions about how you should behave on a construction site to stay safe
    • 38 questions to check your knowledge of health, safety and environment issues.
    • For specialist tests, the 38 knowledge questions consist of 32 core questions and six questions on specific specialism (such as plumbing).
    • Different tests have been developed to meet the demands of different trades and professions.  The following tests are available:
      • Operative test
      • Specialist tests – visit for more information on the 12 types of specialist test available
      • Managers and professional test

Preparing for the test

It is recommended that all candidates revise thoroughly using the new revision material prior to   taking the HS&E test to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to achieve the required pass  mark.  As the refreshed HS&E test new and additional topics and questions, H&S test revision material will not be suitable.  The new HS&E test revision material details all the core questions which may be presented to a candidate.  There is revision material available for the operative and specialist tests and the managers and professionals test (in book or DVD format).


You can book your test through wep:HSE by contacting Garet Estensen at or calling 07983495846.  In partnership with UCATT the test centre is located at Canary Wharf and unlike other testing centres we have ‘pre-test’ facilities allowing candidates to practice the test before taking the real one.  We have 6 testing stations allowing us to test up to 54 people per day, 6 days a week and 6 practice stations.

The test is competitively priced at £22.50, the card is £30.00 and administration £17.70.

Key fact:

  • Did you know that in 2010/2011 there were 2,298 reported major injuries to employees?  Did you know that although construction accounts for only 5% of the employees in Britain, it still accounts for 27% of fatal injuries to employees and 9% of reported major injuries?  Source:  HSE
  • Pictures of the test center below

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  1. These blogs are really helpful prompts, when you haven’t had time to read Construction News they act as a more direct update! Hope you will continue to circulate these when something changes either in legislation or of interest as an industry standard – Thanks

  2. Thanks Debbie.

    We are just trying to keep everyone up to date with short sharp injections of information to help you and other clients stay ahead of the game.


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