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The revised Construction Design Management (CDM) regulations 2007 place legal duties on all parties involved in the delivery of a construction project, and stipulate that a client must engage the services of a CDM coordinator to advise on health and safety issues during the design and planning phases.

In this role, a wep:HSE consultant is directly appointed to act in the client’s interests, and liaise with the supply chain to identify and manage risks to project delivery. Your qualified CDM coordinator will ensure that all parties are brought together at the design stage, and that they gain a thorough understanding of the practicalities involved in successful delivery.

In addition to drawing on experience of each part of the supply chain to balance competing priorities, your consultant will produce a detailed pre-construction plan, assess the principal contractor’s safety plan, and advise on any risks that might negatively impact the project programme. The CDMC’s responsibility is to ensure all parties have the information necessary to guarantee that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and without incident or accident.


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