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Environmental issues in Construction

CITB 1 day H&S Awareness Certificate – £150.00

CITB Approved 1 day H&S Awareness Certificate for the NEW LABOURERS card  - ONLY £150.00 FROM 1ST JULY EXISTING GREEN & BLUE CARD HOLDERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON A UKCG SITE WITHOUT THE 1 DAY CITB APPROVED CERTIFICATE! The new card scheme is here for Labourers – make sure you have the right [...]

Construction Industry advised to improve green skills

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within the construction industry have been advised to improve their green skills so as not to miss out on business opportunities that may arise from the low carbon economy. The training board and sector skills council CITB Construction Skills says that ‘urgent steps’ are needed in order to improve [...]

Is your company ‘Carbon Neutral’?

With green issues being high on many companies’ agendas, being able to say your company is ‘carbon neutral’ could be seen to give commercial advantage. But what does ‘carbon neutral’ really mean? There is currently no agreed definition for carbon neutrality. Generally it is accepted to mean that a person or company’s unavoidable carbon dioxide [...]