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Sub Contractors at Breaking Point over Pay Abuse!

Latest Survey Reveals Dire State of The Industry

Shocking new research says that nearly 90% of Specialist Sub-Contractors have been subjected to unfair treatment or sharp practice over the last year, with the vast majority saying they are being underpaid, their work undervalued and almost never paid on time.

The StreetwiseSubbie State of the Industry Survey also revealed that the majority of Specialist Sub-Contractors are having to accept far less money than they are entitled to and have no alternative but to accept making a loss just to get paid at all.

Some have been out of pocket by anything up to £100,000 over the last 12 months. And the bleak reality is that everyone expects the situation to stay the same or even become worse over the next year.  This worsening picture of a sector in crisis follows failed attempts to get fair treatment for the supply chain.

The UK Government tried to tackle the endemic payment problems in December 2010 by introducing new rules requiring the main contractors working on public sector contracts to pay their Sub-Contractors within 30 days. But only 10% of subbies working on these contracts say they are actually seeing this put into action, and most are still waiting well in excess of 60 days for payment.

 Barry Ashmore, founder of, says: “It’s time for you to stand up and fight for what you are entitled to, and show the main contractors that you will not put up with this ridiculous treatment any longer.

“With StreetwiseSubbie’s help, you can turn those survey figures back around, and put the industry back on top where it belongs, as a powerhouse of economic recovery. We are campaigning for fair treatment, and we specialise in providing solutions to help subbies to get paid in full – and fast – and we also help you protect yourselves against the same problem issues recurring in the future.

“I have seen ups and downs within the industry but this is the worst state it has ever been in. Specialist Contractors need to stand up and be counted. They are the backbone of the industry and they are the only ones who can sort it out. Our aim is to provide them with the help and resources they need to do that,” he added.


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